ECE's Jonathan Doughty explains 'We Love Food' philosophy


Jonathan Doughty, Global Head of Foodservice, ECE explains the company's 'We Love Food' programme is a philosophy about how the shopping centre developer/manager deals with food in its centres. 


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'We Love Food' is aimed at both ECE's employees and centre operators and tenants, Doughty told to PropertyEU during Mapic 2017.

'Internally, it's about exchanging knowledge and bringing together all the great people we've already got in the business who work on food, in architecture, in design, centre management and construction. It's about sharing the knowledge we all have and building on throughg training programmes and development.

'But more importantly, it is an engagement programme with the outside world. I genuinely think we have to help operators to understand how to be more effective in the places we are building now. We used to call them shopping centres. There is still shopping going on, but there is a lot more food, a lot more entertainment and a lot more leisure.'

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