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RetailWatch magazine covers every aspect of the dynamic retail sector from consumer and retailer trends, innovation and technology, development, asset and property management through to investment strategies. In addition to extended news items, the magazine features market research, in-depth reports on key industry topics, interviews, retailer profiles, brands and people “on the move” and the strategies and insights of key industry players.

It provides an overview of the highlights, commentary and key trends essential for all key decision makers.

RetailWatch magazine is available in print and online and can be bought separately or is included as part of a premium or premium plus subscription.

RetailWatch, issue 1 2022

RetailWatch, issue 1 2021

RetailWatch, issue 2 2020

RetailWatch, issue 1 2020

RetailWatch, issue 2 2019

RetailWatch, issue 1 2019

RetailWatch, issue 2 2018

RetailWatch, issue 1 2018

RetailWatch, issue 2 2017

RetailWatch, issue 1 2017

RetailWatch, issue 2 2016

RetailWatch, issue 1 2016



PropertyEU is pleased to announce the publication of the latest edition of ICSC Europe’s Informed magazine. Produced in partnership with RetailWatch, Informed brings retail real estate industry news and ICSC members' insights from across Europe. 

In the latest issue of Informed ICSC Europe explores a few of the ways that our partners and members are shaping the future.

Informed, November 2018

Informed, April 2018

Informed, November 2017

Informed, April 2017


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