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Who are we?

PropertyEU was established in 2006 to meet the need for a truly pan-European information source for real estate professionals against the background of increasing cross-border investment, development and financing across Europe.

Investors in and outside Europe have been increasingly attracted in recent years by the European property market, but its lack of transparency until now has often made them hesitate. Our mission is to help foster transparency in the European markets with our research and analysis of the latest developments. We aim to help keep you keep in touch with the leading decision makers in the European real estate sector through our daily news, interviews, columns and special reports.

PropertyEU is published by PropertyEuro BV, the research and publishing firm that has established PropertyNL as the market leader in providing independent research for the commercial real estate community in the Netherlands.

Experience PropertyEU through:

Daily newsletter service
Daily updates and newsflashes on the latest European real estate news including deals, company developments, fairs and conferences as well as the views of the leading decision makers from around Europe.

Monthly Magazine
In-depth interviews, research, analyses and rankings of the leading European real estate investors, developers and advisers in a comprehensive magazine that appears 10 times a year.

Investment Briefings
PropertyEU's Investment Briefings provide a meeting point for senior leaders in real estate investment, development and finance to discuss the investment outlook in key European markets. special briefings deal with particular themes or trends such as debt financing and regulation that effect the entire real estate industry.

PropertyEU Magazine publishes monthly and annual rankings of Top Deals, Top Investors, Top Developers, Top Financiers and Top Brokers in Europe. The rankings and special reports are based on surveys carried out by our research team and our growing database of transactions which tracks real estate investment activity in our home market the Netherlands and other key markets in Europe on a daily basis. This deal data and analysis are published regularly in our daily newsletter, monthly magazine and special reports.

Deal Watch
Our monthly Deal Watch report provides an overview of the biggest deals and investors in the key real estate sectors and countries in Europe. The deal data is supplemented by in-depth interviews with the most active investors and analysis of transactions and broader trends and developments.

Annual special reports
Our special reports focus on the Top Investors in Europe in terms of size (AUM) and transaction activity and highlight newcomers and other developments. In cooperation with ICSC Europe, PropertyEU also publishes the European Retail Atlas which provides a comprehensive overview of existing and new shopping centres throughout Europe.

PropertyEU Who's Who
This is the guide to European real estate decision makers and an invaluable networking tool. PropertyEU Who’s Who provides extended personal profiles in a comprehensive overview of the leading dealmakers around Europe including their contact details. This must-have guide to your European real estate peers is available as an electronic database as well as in book form.

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