Privacy statement and disclaimer

PropertyEU adheres to a strict privacy policy. We take your privacy very seriously and are committed to handling your personal details accordingly. Below we outline how we treat the details provided by our clients, partners and prospects.

Law on the protection of personal details

All (personal) details gathered via telephone, online forms and in any other way are submitted voluntarily. The entire database containing details on clients, partners and prospects is registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Dutch data protection agency) under the registration number: m1463759

Use of data

The combined data will be utilised to approach our clients, partners and prospects about PropertyEU’s new products and services;

Important developments in relation to our products and services;

Commercial offerings

And for

  • Product development (Who’s Who guides, publications concerning (the development of) commercial real estate for people working in the sector 
  • Commercial real estate research directed at people working in the sector 
  • Market research 

Storing data

The site makes use of cookies. Cookies are a standard internet technology that makes it possible for PropertyNL to save certain login information and to store this data on the user’s system. Cookies cannot be used to identity persons, but only machines. All users can configure their systems in order that cookies are not accepted.

The compiled data is stories in a separate and strongly protected relation-management system. The information will under no circumstances be made available to third parties; the data will not be lent out, rented or sold, or in any other manner made public.
In conjunction with relationship management, PropertyEU is a publisher of guides. Within these guides information is included for which you have been ask to give and have given explicit permission to publish. This permission will be separately requested for each occasion the information is to be published.

Changing data

There is a link in each e-mail newsletter and other mailings whereby you can unsubscribe from PropertyEU’s e-mail communication. You can also alter your personal data via the ‘change profile’ link. You have the right to see your data at any time. On request, PropertyEU will remove your details from our database. You can request this by making contact with us.


For questions or comments about our privacy policy, contact us at

Postcode 75485
1070 AL Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 575 33 17

Changing data

PropertyEU retains the right to update this privacy policy. Any such changes will be outlined on this page. This page was last updated on 26 April 2011.

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