Ikea tests furniture rentals and buy-back model


Ikea chief executive Jesper Brodin has revealed that the Swedish furniture retailer is testing out furniture buyback and rental programmes to reduce waste.


Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Brodin said that economic incentives to promote environmentally-friendly practices could be a turning point. 

‘In London, for example, for people who commute and don’t want to build a second home, rental solutions are more interesting.’

The company has already tested take-back programmes in selected markets, such as Finland. There, shoppers receive a gift card for returning furniture, which Ikea then donates to local charities.

On Earth Day in the United States, customers could return furniture for a $20 coupon off a $150 Ikea purchase. Other experiments are being rolled out in Japan.

Ikea also said it was exploring a use of new types of cellulose materials for biodegradable packaging.